It all began in Zugliano in 1860, with the construction of a factory for working silk, located along the Astico stream. Officially founded in 1867 by a rich aristocratic family, the Pappadopoli, this factory was, in those years, the second largest for spinning silk in Italy. Of primary importance for the country, this enormous industrial complex employed approximately 400 workers. But it lacked a female workforce and this is why the Agordine came from Agordo, a small town in the province of Belluno around 150 km from Zugliano, to work on the silkworm spinning. In 1891 the silk-waste passed to the hands of the Marini family. From its origins, the company has always been the crowning glory of the local industry of the time. It was equipped with a turbine which, taking power from the adjacent Mordini canal, produced the electricity needed for manufacturing; it also provided dormitories, made available to workers who needed them. Unfortunately, the fate of the textile industry, and particularly that of silk, with the passing of the years, saw it enter into a deep crisis in Italy. The factory was decommissioned badly by its last owners. Many years later, it was purchased by Distilleria Zanin, the country’s second largest historical company, with the intention of re-establishing the ancient splendour of the industrial site where it would base its production activity.

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