The late 1960s saw the official entry into the company of Fausto, the third generation, characterised by professionalism, class and humility which, combined with his passion and with his wife Rina, were a launch pad into the markets for Distilleria Zanin. As for his predecessors, there was, during his professional life, no end of difficulties, such as the oil crisis in the 1970s, which did not discourage this successful entrepreneur who was able to see past those problems. On the contrary, they strengthened his belief in the mission to grow, turning predominantly, and among the first to do so, to the foreign markets to spread the culture of grappa throughout the world. Owed to him are the acquisitions of various companies in the sector over the years, along with the creation of alternative product lines which differed from the norm. He made strategic business decisions which saw Distilleria Zanin jump to the top levels of production and notoriety. In the early 1980s, the first television advertisement for Zanin was made at a regional level and the bicycle racing team dedicated to the “Cavallina Bianca” was instituted. The creation of the Alfa Romeo Giulia GT, covered with wood bark for advertising purposes, also demonstrated the geniality of this entrepreneur who still today provokes talk of himself and his company. The company’s ascent was assisted by the recruitment of new professional figures, such as the foreign sales director and the Italy sales director, who supported Fausto in increasing the markets served with the company’s products.



the genesis of a passion
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