Bortolo’s son, also called Bortolo but known as Rino to differentiate him from his father, with hard work and from a very young age, at the start of the 1930s quickly learnt the art of distillation, swept away by the whirlwind of passion passed down from his father. In addition to being an entrepreneur and a careful distiller, he became known in the village for his extreme talent in alchemy, preparing curative “concoctions” made from herbs and berries that were effective against small everyday illnesses, naturally all with a grappa or alcohol base. With a generous and altruistic soul, he is still today remembered by the elders of the village: during the Second World War, he helped needy people by offering shelter or food. Fortunately, also for him, those terrifying years passed by. In later life, he never wished to speak of that period, other than to offer some small and frivolous memories… he rolled up his sleeves to deal with the damages suffered and resumed at full tilt the activity of distillation, intensifying and modernising the facilities and manufacturing equipment. From the early 1950s, the important thing was to produce while keeping the quality level high. On the path into the next decade, Rino met people moved by the same passion who became the first collaborators of the company which expanded at a regional level.
The second generation saw the emergence of the “Cavallina Bianca” brand at a regional level, giving the company an indelible identity, still today, on the “domestic” market.



the genesis of a passion
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and the ascent ...
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