1895: the start of an entrepreneurial story that would mark the path of a family for generations to come. The then “paron” Bortolo Zanin, who was an introverted and slightly nervous character, combined his work as an innkeeper with that of distillation: as was the custom in those days, nothing was thrown away, much less the dregs of the house wine produced from his own vineyards; months and months of hard work to reap the fruits of the vines, the result of great tenacity. From the rudimentary still flowed the first drops of that essence of life: the white spirit. White was the crystalline colour of this liquid and the spirit is the tale of memories of those who first tasted it: I felt my throat and guts burn and the “paron” Zanin said: good, good, the more it burns, the better it is! And considering those years of people toiling hard in the fields, farming, in the early factories that were not technologically advanced and the favourable climate conditions, there was undoubtedly a growing demand for that hard-earned white spirit, demonstrating that Bortolo was certainly attentive and insightful. The First World War began and the everyday difficulties increased but they did not discourage the “paron” Zanin; so much so that over the years the production of spirits intensified to such a point that the inn closed to make space for new equipment and, together with the whole family, he reinvigorated the passion for the art of practising alchemy from nature and obtaining its best and most rewarding qualities; this philosophy would be an almost secret bond; unwritten but inherent in the blood and common to all later generations.


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