The people involved in production, the great workers who toil away in the shadows who for years have been the gears of a racing car that has one goal: to get on the track and win … always.

By following the production logic, we meet the Company’s alchemists: Roberto and Michele who, with technique and experimentation, create the product to be tasted, the magic spirit … which then passes on to Gabriele, Diego, Paolo, Moreno, Phong, Chiara and Arianna who, with mastery and passion, give “body” to the product, sealing, in its glass, its aromas and dressing it in all its regalia with two bottling lines. Magically, everything disappears through the work of Fabio, Bruno and Giorgio who store the produced goods in the warehouses only then to load them and ensure they arrive at their destination, even across the other side of the world ……., naturally with the support of an infallible logistics system that starts with Roberto and Marco, the respective back-office managers for Italy and for foreign sales who, with Lorella, prepare everything up to the billing. And when an order is released, Andrea organises the production and purchase of its raw materials. Once the goods are received, remember to pay your dues, otherwise Elena, prompt in payments to suppliers, will remind you. Supervision is Laura’s responsibility, controlling State excise, while Sabrina, in charge of accounts, tells us, at the end of the race, if the racing car has achieved its well-deserved success.


Export Sales Manager
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Italy Sales Director
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Creative Manager
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