ORFEO LORFEO LOTTI Italy Sales Director
My task is to manage and develop Italy’s HORECA and Mass Retail channels. I have worked in the sales side of Distilleria Zanin for a decade.
I met the third generation of this company and I was chosen by Fausto Zanin … a man with whom I shared great values and challenges that I will never forget! The day I met him I was fascinated by his boundless passion for his company and its products … seen almost as though they were his children …
In recent years, my work has expanded and diversified; I have worked both in distribution and in the search for partners, meeting true company leaders: working with them has been a great honour!
As evidence of what I write, we have received awards on a global level and now have widespread distribution across the whole national territory. My career in Zanin has enriched me as a man and as a professional … and that effort has been rewarded by the successes I have achieved today together with the fourth generation management.
Working with a professional, reliable company that is open to dialogue and in continuous movement is rare … I feel honoured … we are a close-knit team.
The generational change has been able to keep the passion high, along with the determination and the will to continue to grow and succeed on the market … feelings that, years ago, Fausto Zanin conveyed to me and which made me realise that my future was to be in this Company.
I see on a daily basis the efforts to construct the new production site, a source of pride for me to witness such courage, because it is precisely in such difficult times that you need to believe and be even more daring! All this leads me to conclude that passion in what you do leads people to increasingly ambitious targets … just believe …

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