Today, I represent a solid Company which loves to be daring, with style. Our identity card has no equal …

We can boast over 190 gold medals won at national and international level.
We represent 16% of the entire global production of grappa (produced exclusively in Italy).
We export into 45 countries of the world (a figure constantly increasing …).
We are battling the crisis with our new production site, for us, unique and fascinating: a dream that started with my father Fausto and that has been realised in the fourth generation. Evocative and exclusive locations and environments in a historical context adapted and redesigned with high technology to tackle the future … now imminent …
We work with men and women linked by tradition … by passion, by dedication to their work and by the constant search for excellence …
We produce 300 kW of solar energy in full respect of the environment for present and future generations.
We are known for our professionalism, reliability and honesty … generation after generation.

This is, above all, my family … heterogeneous, boisterous, curious, solid, tenacious and … symbolically crazy. This is us, great workers of the Veneto region, stubbornly possessive of our work and crazily open to new challenges: to dare to participate and to date to create … For us, this is what the Company does today, giving everyone the maximum expression of their skills … wanting to amaze by researching, connecting, asking, exposing, anticipating, setting aside, investing, relating … but especially by BELIEVING and ENJOYING the work with fun and … as a lifestyle … This is daring, with style … to make yourself known … to make the difference … always … everywhere!

Piero Zanin

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